The leadership at Emmaus is made up of Pastors and Elders who oversee the direction and vision of the church. Each pastor brings his or hers own unique gifts to shepherd, counsel, and minister within this church body. The role of Elder at Emmaus focuses on the theology, vision, and staff/leadership relations of this church.

Ron & Jessica Vandever

Co-Lead Pastor/Elder

As a kid growing up in Walla Walla, Washington, I experienced the mighty power of Christ in my life. Even though I did not start regularly attending church until I was 14, God showed Himself to me when I was just 4 years old. Somehow the creator of the universe showed me, at a young age, that He had great plans for me.
Being a part of Emmaus is an opportunity to be a part of what God is doing in other areas of Springfield and other places around the world. I believe that the church exists to show the great power, love, forgiveness, and mercy of Christ. I believe that with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and grace of Christ, we will see great things at Emmaus and I am just thankful to be a part of the amazing mystery of life.


Clint & Maggie Coyan

Co-Lead Pastor/Elder

It has been so incredible to watch how God has grown and changed our church family here at Emmaus over the years.  His hand has been strong and evident as I’ve grown closer in my relationship with Him.  My wife, Maggie and I, along with our three beautiful daughters & son, have grown to know and love the people of Emmaus as our own family.  I particularly love spending time with other men, talking and praying through life together.  I have also grown to love teaching, as God has truly stretched my faith through studying and wrestling in His Word.  I love that I have the opportunity to help others realize that Jesus is the answer in every situation that life brings.  In Him we are complete.  Outside of the church, I love being outdoors, fishing, and having fun with my friends and family.


Tyler & Sara Michael

Children's Pastors

My wife and I are thrilled to get the opportunity to share the love & person of Christ with the kids of Emmaus!  There is no greater truth in the universe to share, and we are blessed to get to be a part of God's great mission.  I was young myself when I came to the realization that I had come up short of God's perfection.  That created a problem where I owed an infinite debt that I could never pay.  Thankfully, someone was faithful to share with me how Jesus' death burial and resurrection paid my debt in full.  Trusting in His work and perfection, I was given the gift of eternal life.  We pray that God will also use us to convey the all-important truth of the gospel to the kids here as well as everyone we interact with. We are thankful that He has added us & our 4 children to the body of Emmaus.




Joe & Megan West

Evangelism & Connections Pastors

At the age of 13, Megan realized the God of the universe was pursuing her heart and it was that moment she committed to follow Jesus. Joe was pursuing a life as a professional BMX bike rider, at 19 years of age, when God pulled the veil back and Joe gave his life to our Lord & Savior. Together, we have been serving our Lord through discipling, leading, and ministering for 8 years. As an engaged couple God led us to Emmaus - this body of believers have changed our lives for the better, we have learned so much about truly loving God & loving people and living life as a community. God continues to break our hearts for His people, compelling us to share the Good News of Jesus and also encouraging His children to not just attend church, but get connected in a body as He designed us to! Joe continues to use his bike riding skills to serve the Lord through evangelistic stunt shows. We, along with our two boys, enjoy travel, running our coffee business, and riding bikes. 

Daniel Meade

Co-lead Worship Pastor

My mom gave me Jesus as a kid, so I never knew a life without knowing about God. However, my whole life I treated God as a master that sometimes responded to a list of wishes that I had. One night, Jesus decided to encounter me in a real way during worship in a living room of someone’s home. Knowing about God turned into knowing God himself. Through encountering him, Jesus called me to worship through music. My passion in worship is to give God the same passionate love that He first gave us. I want to be a vehicle that allows God to give his heart to his children. Also, I believe that worship is far more than a song, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that always brings me in to alignment with my destiny. Emmaus has always been a place for me to encounter the heart of God. Even in seasons where I was called away from Emmaus, I couldn’t help occasionally stepping in and seeing what God was up to. It’s a huge honor for me to be a part of the lives at Emmaus. I’m excited to fuel a culture of worshippers that carry the throne of God into this Earth as it is in Heaven.


Cameron Stanton

Co-lead Worship Pastor

I’m a life-long native of southwest Missouri and one of the original members of the elder/pastoral team that launched Emmaus. I am blessed to be married to my wife, Jen, and to be a “kid-wrangler” to our four children, Luke, Jake, Nora, and Hannah. God has used Emmaus to bless me more than I can express. Many of the people here I’ve known for over ten years, but I’m often surprised by the strong connection that is possible with those who are new to Emmaus. His Spirit leads to relationships, regardless of how long we’ve known each other, altogether different than what is found apart from Christ. So many of the blessings I’ve experienced in life are a direct result of worshiping and serving alongside like-minded brothers and sisters. I love Emmaus and I’m so excited to be a part of God’s larger plan for His Church.


Nathan & Erica White

Youth Pastors

I was raised in the church, but it was not until senior year of high school that I took the Lord seriously and fully submitted myself to His leading in my life. My wife, Erica, came to know the Lord through the discipleship of a campus ministry called Student Mobilization. During our time at MSU, we both grew and served through our own campus ministries separately, but after getting engaged, we decided to join the body at Emmaus. We have really enjoyed the community and fellowship at Emmaus and are thrilled to be able to serve our students and the Church! We believe that God wants to raise up leaders and have a personal relationship with every student, showing them who He is and granting them purpose in building His kingdom. Some activities we enjoy are going to the movies, playing games, making coffee, and being with friends.

Bill Niebuhr


On May 27, 1973 Christ’s wonderful love delivered me out of a life of wine, women, and song; out of darkness and into His marvelous light, at the age of 22.  Five years later, Peggy and I married in the Lord.  For 44 years, the Good Lord, has led us into His purposes for our lives in ministry and leadership at local, district and regional levels.  

We moved to the Springfield area in August of 2015 and our prayer as been, “plug us in where You want us Lord.”  We have found a wonderful church family in Emmaus and it is our desire to bless what God is doing here.  

If you are being drawn to Emmaus, we say, Praise God.  Come join us as we grow deeper in His truth and strength, wider in sharing the Good news with more, and higher in love and serving, and knowing Him.